A recent article showed how women over 50s can look and feel great. How did they manage to keep wrinkles at bay and look so attractive? Here we are going to share the best anti aging secrets so that you can work out your own natural and strategic approach to anti ageing

1. Believe in anti ageing

Many beautiful women well over their fifties are a great inspiration and proof that anti aging does exist and works. It is a commitment rewarded with great looks and feeling of well being.

2. Good genes are influential, but stress and lifestyle even more so

Many people say the genes are a major factor in anti aging, we agree up to a point. There are identical twins that in their later years can look dramatically different age simply because of stress and lifestyle. This means even if you were not born with “good” genes there is a lot you can do about it. In fact anti-aging is a long term rather than a quick fix, the sooner you start the better.

Managing stress levels is a key element in effective and natural anti aging. We like fun and stress busters activities such as yoga, walking in nature and massage. There are also many self help books that can help you to improve your emotional wellbeing.

3. Eat yourself young

Recent studies show how raw food can boost skin radiance and attractiveness more than melanin or sun tan. Some great raw foods are:

  • organic carrots (best organic because this crop gets sprayed a lot) to increase the carotenoids in the skin boosting its radiance
  • fresh salad to purify and detox the skin
  • apples for their powerful antioxidant activity

4. Boost skin collagen

The collagen molecule is like the scaffholding of the skin. With age not only we produce less, but also less firm and with a shorter shelf life. There are 2 essential ways you can help your skin to achieve maximum collagen content for a natural firming effect:

  • to avoid sugar (refined sugar), it triggers glycation making the collagen brittle
  • to stimulate your own skin to produce high quality collagen (spring like)
  • do not overindulge on alcohol

Our signature product is designed to boost collagen production using a quadruple strategy for effective collagen production, and comes with 30 days money back guarantee.

Dr. Barbara Olioso

Dr. Barbara Olioso

I am Dr Barbara Olioso, and I am the founder of Forest Secrets Skincare. I am a professional chemist and I have worked only with natural and organic cosmetics since 1999.