Adverts for cosmetic and skin care products are always telling us that they contain some newly discovered wonder ingredients to give us the promised effects. They tend to back their claims up with scientific explanations which sound impressive enough, but to normal people like us mean very little. We all know that price does not necessary reflect the product’s ability to deliver and as users, all we want to know is whether they actually do what they promised.

CosPoll’s aim is to share people’s opinions of their cosmetic and skin care products in standardised unbiased manner with like minded people. The standardised format allows people to make easy direct comparison between the various brands based on what real women think about them and their real performances before buying.

CosPoll also has members who can help manufactures with real honest feedbacks on their products. Our user feedbacks are useful for market positioning and for developments of the next generation products. In this manner CosPoll has already provided a number of skin care manufacturers with data which they have used to make improvements to their products.

If you would like our members to conduct user feedbacks for you or if you wish to share your products experiences please visit and contact us at Cospoll where you can also read the review on Forest Secrets Skincare.

Dr. Barbara Olioso

Dr. Barbara Olioso

I am Dr Barbara Olioso, and I am the founder of Forest Secrets Skincare. I am a professional chemist and I have worked only with natural and organic cosmetics since 1999.