Face Moisturiser is really sensual and comforting for your skin. However if we go beyond the senses and use science to see what really happens to our skin what do we find? Is face moisturiser good for your skin ?

To answer these questions we need to look at what moisturisers are, what they contain and what happens when applied to your skin.

What are moisturisers?

Moisturisers or creams are emulsions, systems where water and oil are held together by so called emulsifiers.. If emulsifiers are not used, water and oil separate like in salad dressing. Under the microscope they look like tiny oil droplets dispersed in water.

What do moisturisers contain?

The key ingredients in moisturisers are:



Oil or silicones


What happens when moisturiser is applied on the face?

The ingredients contained in the moisturiser once applied on the skin can do three things:

-gradually evaporate away

-sit on the skin

-interact with the skin and penetrate the skin

Water and other volatile ingredients would leave the skin. The most interesting ingredients are the ones that sit on the skin and interact or get absorbed. Silicones for examples are in the category of sitting on the skin, forming an impermeable film interfering with the natural skin respiration process. Like applying cling film to the skin. Silicones make the skin feel very soft, like peach or silk, but underneath it is another story.

Emulsifiers tend to interact with the skin. Having the ability to emulsify oils they can also emulsify the skin natural oils making it in fact dryer. Here is a study about irritant skin emulsifiers

Case study and what you can do

Journalist Kathryn Blundell  spent a month without using face moisturiser under a dermatologist supervision. At the end of this period she found a drastic reduction of skin redness and pores size. After her trial she decided to keep on living without moisturiser incorporating a good SPF.

We find this case study very interesting, however we do not share Kathryn’s solution because your skin still needs  help with pollutants, free radicals and stress. In our opinion the answer is to take care of your skin with ingredients that respect it. That is why Forest Secrets antiageing serums are emulsifiers and silicones free, very concentrated and dermatologically tested.

You can read about her study on face moisturiser good for your skin or not.

Dr. Barbara Olioso

Dr. Barbara Olioso

I am Dr Barbara Olioso, and I am the founder of Forest Secrets Skincare. I am a professional chemist and I have worked only with natural and organic cosmetics since 1999.