nuz shugaa beauty serum review

Lightening serum review

London based celebrities facialist Nuz Shugaa is the beauty secret behind many A listers celebrities and always for the watch out of best natural beauty products for her demanding clientele. After trying iBright Serum she sent us a raving lightening serum review:

“The new iBright is a remarkable product. I use the natural lightening serum in my treatments, and it helps me deliver great results and gives all my clients, from actors to artists, confidence that they can overcome any skin pigmentation and scarring issues. Dr Barbara Olioso is transforming many of my clients lives. Use of iBright results in a clear, flawless skin without the use of chemicals. It is wonderful to have an effective product that only uses natural ingredients. In my experience, iBright works as soon as you apply it to the skin, and in a few days you see great results. This amazing product can be used on uneven skin tones,age spots, scar tissue,and skin that has sun damage, or is troubled with uneven skin pigmentation and hormonal skin conditions.”

Thank you Nuz! It is wonderful to hear about the great impact of our lightening skin serum We are also grateful to Nuz because she was the inspiration for this new product. If you would like to try Nuz magic facials she is at the Beauty Lounge in London


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