New year, new you. The best way to start renewing yourself is to set your healthy skin resolutions for 2015.

1. Gently cleanse daily

Cleansing is the foundation of good and healthy skincare. Even if the skin looks clean it can carry a lot of dust and invisible pollutants that may interfere with the skin by promoting oxidation and aging. If you wear make up our iClear total cleanser is a fantastic all natural make up remover with the additional benefit of gentle exfoliation. If you do not wear makeup iClear Skin Tonic is great at removing dust and pollutants too.

2. Look after your hands

The hands are constantly exposed not only to the elements but also detergents and disinfectants that really challenge the skin, making it dry and more prone to redness, cracks and irritation. Wearing plastic gloves when cleaning around the house, using mild hand soaps and hand treatments on a regular basis can make a big difference.

3. Enjoy healthy treats such as raw chocolate

It is nice to have a special treat now and then. Raw chocolate is not only tasty but very  healthy thanks to its high antioxidants content with uplifting benefits as well. You can find it in health food shops or online.

4. Get regular hugs to keep colds and stress at bay

A recent study shows how hugging can strengthen the immuno system. Infact the people receiving more hugging (by trusted persons) are less prone to colds and fight infections more efficiently.

5. Walk in nature

Nature is the ultimate place to relax, with its beauty and amazing scents. Taking time to experience nature fully is the ultimate treat for body mind and soul.

If you have healthy skin resolutions you would like to share with us please feel free to comment below.

Dr. Barbara Olioso

Dr. Barbara Olioso

I am Dr Barbara Olioso, and I am the founder of Forest Secrets Skincare. I am a professional chemist and I have worked only with natural and organic cosmetics since 1999.