One of the key qualities of youthful skin is clear skin. Let’s have a look at six tips on how to get clear skin starting with the culprits of unclear skin:

-dull skin

-uneven skin tone due to age spots or blemish

-thinner skin

1- Regularly exfoliate to remove dead skin cells promoting radiant skin. With age skin cells get lazy and tend to get slow at shedding off when they die. In order to promote this process you can use a gentle exfoliating cleanser such as iClear Total Cleanser. This will also help preventing clogged pores.

2- Avoid silicones based beauty products. Even if the skin might look shiny due to the high refractive index of silicones underneath it is a different story. Silicones form like a plastic film over the skin interfering with its respiration process, vitality and natural radiance. Watch out for ingredients such as dimethicone and pentasiloxane on the ingredients lists before you buy

3- Avoid comedogenic ingredients. They may cause occlude the pore promoting pimples and black heads. Some ingredients to watch out for the face are: cocoa butter (theobroma cacao) and wheat germ oil (triticum vulgaris germ oil)

4- Take care of your skin tone. With age the melanin factories in the skin get bigger, producing age spots and uneven skin tone. Preventing melanin production is not a viable option skin wise because melanin is the skin natural sun protection. Eliminating it would expose the skin to more sun damage. The skin wise option is to prevent its oxidation in the upper skin layers giving a natural look and feel. Our iBright serum was designed with this win win strategy in mind: natural even skin tone in harmony with the skin.

5- Exercise your skin with a daily water routine if you have the time. It stimulates blood circulation helping clearing blemishes. Here is how to get clear skin with a simple water routine

6- Boost skin collagen for radiance. As the skin ages the collagen content drops making the skin thinner and duller. To boost skin radiance you can try our collagen boosting serum

Dr. Barbara Olioso

Dr. Barbara Olioso

I am Dr Barbara Olioso, and I am the founder of Forest Secrets Skincare. I am a professional chemist and I have worked only with natural and organic cosmetics since 1999.